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Mid ship lower deck offers the smoothest ride on any ship, even those with stabilizers. Remember too that the only thing you will really be doing in your cabin is sleeping so for most, inside cabins can save a bundle!

Book early for a cabin upgrade and some onboard credit or, book at the last minute for the very best rates. Strangely, cruise lines give the most perks to the quick and the not so quick! Folks in the middle seem to pay the most.

Consider shoulder season cruising. While the weather may not be a good, the bargains are better and there are fewer tourists we all try to avoid! The natives are glad to see you and since you are the only act in town, will be more willing to barter.

Repositioning cruises offer the very best value in long distance cruising. A Trans Atlantic cruise can actually cost less than $50USD per person per day. Plus, international one way fares really are only about 50% of a round trip. Splurge and go Business!

Cruises to “nowhere” offer folks a taste of cruising for one or two nights. The big plus here is no port fees. The big minus here is no port of call. These can be had for as little as $75 per person per night.

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