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With over 100+ years of Travel Experience from our BookingWiz staff we share the most interesting travel tips to help you save time and money.
Travel Tip Mini-Bitsle
Big bottles of liquids, creams and gels will find their way to the trash at airport security. Ladies, head to the department store and ask for samples of your favorite makeup and to the local pharmacy for “trial sizes” of tooth paste, mouth wash and so on.

Keep all your medications in their original containers with you in your carry on bags along with copies of the actual prescription so in case your checked bags are “delayed in transit” (slang for airline losing your bag) you will have what you need.

Many Bags Look Alike … But don’t tie colored string or ribbons to the handles of the bag as they can confuse automated systems. Instead, use a colored strap that goes around the entire bag offering added security should one of the locks fail.

If you drive to the airport, keep your keys with you in your carry on. If your bags don’t get home with you, you will have to call a lock smith to open your car. If you thought plumbers cost a lot at 11PM on a Sunday night, you ain’t seen nothin’yet!

Would you believe that it is often cheaper to spend the night at an airport hotel and park your car for 10 days? Look at park and fly options. Our Wiz does this often. A room, breakfast and parking for 10 days for $99USD vs. 10 days airport parking for $200USD.

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